“Every evening for several weeks, 27-year-old Dipak Sinjali called his pregnant wife, Kalpana,  from a small room in Saudi Arabia, and asked about her health. The two spoke joyously to each other, thrilled that their first baby would be arriving soon. Though living apart was difficult, the regular video calls helped temper the loneliness Kaplana endured in their remote hometown nestled in Nepal’s mountains. Now, the wait is over – their baby girl has arrived, but her dad is not here to welcome her.

A week before his daughter’s birth, Dipak returned home in a coffin.

On the morning of November 16, 2021, just 43 days before his daughter’s birth, Dipak was found dead in his bed in the port city of Jizan, in southwest Saudi Arabia. “Had he been alive, he would have been so happy today to see his daughter,” says Kalpana, sitting on the plastic floor mat at her sister’s home in Nepal’s Kapilvastu district. Dipak wanted to come home during her delivery, but not even a year had passed since his last vacation in Nepal, so it was difficult for him to take leave again.”